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May 6-8
Monterey Comic Con

>Hearth Stone: Fireside Gatherings

A casual event for all skill levels. Every other Monday at 5pm

Looking for a fun way to celebrate with friends? Have your next party be a game party at Epic Adventure Games. See staff for details.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play a new game, but didn't want to buy it just to see if you liked it? If you are in this situation, please ask one of our staff. We will either describe the game play to you or, if you have time and we have a demo copy, show you how to play.

To help our customers really get involved in our hobby miniature games Epic Adventure Games offers lessons on miniature painting and terrain making for both individuals and groups. For those who would rather not paint their own miniatures, but still want to play we also offer a miniature painting service. Please call or come in for more details.

Weekly Events
  • Monday 5:00-8pm: Magic Casual Commander FREE TO PLAY
  • Tuesday 6:00-8pm: Magic Standard Constructed
  • Wednesday 4:30-6pm: Magic Beginner's League FREE TO PLAY
  • Wednesday 6:00-9pm: Magic Modern Constructed
  • Thrusday 6:00-9pm: Magic Standard Constructed
  • Friday 6:30-10:30pm: Magic Draft Tournament
  • Saturday noon-3pm: Dice Masters
  • Saturday 3-5pm: Heroclix
  • Saturday 2-5pm: Magic Standard Constructed
  • Sunday noon-3pm: pathfinder FREE TO PLAY
  • Sunday 2-6pm: MagicDraft

Tournament Rules

In order to play in any of our tournaments or leagues, you must observe the following:

  • You must have a thorough understanding of the game's rules as they are stated in the corresponding rulebook.
  • Show up on time. (being early is encouraged)
  • Bring everything that is needed to play. (cards, dice, templates, etc.)
  • Be courteous to the other players.
  • Cheating will not be tollerated.

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